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Agilitech Solutions is dedicated to accessibility for everyone.  We lead by helping organizations with our Automated Web Accessibility and 508 Compliance platform.

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*NEW* Accessible Web Video Player

Introducing OzPlayer – the industry’s only fully accessible and compliant video player.

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Accessibility Training, Consulting and Strategy

Agilitech provides a full spectrum of accessibility training, strategy, audits and consulting.

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Accessible Content and Documentation

Agilitech provides transcription, captioning, translation and accessible content management services to public sector, private and commercial organizations.

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Section 508 Accessibility Compliance Starts With a Single Line Of Code

Agilitech Solutions provides web accessibility audit, remediation, monitoring and reporting solutions that start with a single line of code. Our flagship offering, A Web, installs in seconds can correct many web accessibility errors and enhance accessibility features on your site for your end users.  Our solution includes automated testing, reporting and remediation and pin points accessibility violations dynamically in the browser context.  Complete audit reports provide each error referenced to the specific WCAG 2.0, ADA and Section 508 standard or rule violated.  Finally, for each error that is not automatically corrected, an accessibility patch is provided using our in-platform wizards and editors to correct individual issues or CSS patterns site wide.  Our solutions are offered in a SaaS subscription, done for you services, or on premises installation.

Section 508 compliance is mandated for government-related websites and is essential for many other commercial entities to provide web accessibility for customers with disabilities. We provide a simple comprehensive solution for Section 508 compliance that starts with a single line of code on your site that can significantly reduce burdens on your developers and compliance team.  

How it works:
The code transforms the website to meet 508 and WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards by introducing A-Web as a layer on top of your site code.

  • Your site will display the universal accessibility icon indicating the site is accessible
  • Your site will be prepared to use by screen readers and other accessibility tools
  • Your site will have a set of accessibility tools available, such as color inversion for people with low vision or accessibility for color blindness.



A single line of code in a subscription SaaS model makes A Web the simple, comprehensive, affordable choice for any organization’s 508 compliance needs. Contact us today for a demo and free trial.

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Web Accessibility Compliance

Accessible Video Player

Accessibility Strategy, Audit, Training and Consulting

Accessible Content Transcription, Conversion and Documentation


Automated Web Accessibility with a Single Line of Code

For persons who are challenged in consuming content from a website its usual format, Agilitech offers A WEB, the industry’s only ISO 27001 certified accessibility tool.  Web accessibility has gathered immense attention over the past few years particularly through the work of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) to develop a set of standards outlined in the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.0. A WEB enables web accessibility using a single line of code on the customer’s website.

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Transform Web Document Accessibility

A Doc is a unique solution that provides Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 conformance when accessing documents (PDFs) online. When users load documents using A DOC, the document is converted into HTML, enabling all the screen reader, tagging, font size, low vision and other accessibility capabilities available in A WEB.

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Programmers – Get total accessibility visibility across your web properties – never miss a technical issue or inaccessible content again

A CHECK provides coders and programmers visibility across your web landscape and highlights any code or elements that are non-conforming with web accessibility standards. With A CHECK, web developers have a new tool to pin point accessibility coding errors real time along with specific recommendations to remediate non-compliant code.

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Our Accessibility Solution Now available in a client side Browser extention

A To Go is now available in the Chrome Web Store. A To Go is the premiere web extension enabling the individual user to visit any website and enjoy all the web accessibility features offered by A Web, including the universal web accessibility icon.

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