Section 508 Compliance
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Simple, Comprehensive 508 Web Accessibility Starts with a Single Line of Code

It’s challenge to achieve complete 508 compliance for many organizations. Clients with disabilities may not be able to access your website especially if it’s dynamic with frequently changing content or have numerous documents. Section 508 and WCAG conformance is mandated for government agencies and those doing business with the government. It’s also imperative for commercial entities seeking to reduce liability and increase customer base.

But often, compliance can be a real challenge. Most conventional solutions deal with point issues or require lengthy, costly services engagements to remedy websites for web accessibility.  One estimate put the complicated procedure for a lengthier website of 200 operable pages at 2400 hours of professional services to remediate. Converting PDFs to be compliant can take even longer.

Agilitech Solutions delivers a simple, fast and comprehensive solution for 508 Compliance. This solution is available in a SaaS model priced per domain.

Introducing A Web. A Web is non-invasive and utilizes a single line code to embedded on the website by your IT personnel. The code  transforms the website to meet 508 and WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility by introducing A-Web on the top of the site.  With the universal icon on your site, you can be assured that the site is accessible. Your site will be prepared to use by screen readers, keyboard navigation and have other accessibility features enhanced.  Your site will have a drop down menu accessibility tools available, such as color inversion for people with low vision, or black and white accessibility for color blindness. The fonts of the site are adjustable and flexible enough for you to read. Individuals with a visual disability can enlarge or reduce the font size as required.

The A Web solution provides you a comprehensive web accessibility compliance platform that can be tested using automated tools and manual methods with assistive technology.  A Web is always “on” reviewing your site for new and existing issues for accessibility.  Audit, remediation, constant monitoring and full custom reporting is included in our award winning platform.