Introducing A-Check: the ultimate plug and play dedicated SaaS accessibility solution platform. A-Check provides diagnostics, monitoring, and suggests solutions on how to transform sites to be accessible and compatible WCAG 2.0+ compliance. Website owners are now facing the challenge that there is no guarantee their site will automatically sync with accessibility compliance requirements outlined in Section 508 and the ADA law.  Using the  A-Check dashboard, the website holder has broad visibility into  accessibility violations which are categorized by domain and page. Notifications on flagged issues can be configured immediately, daily or on a weekly basis.

A-Check provides a complete platform solution which detects and monitors your website(s) as you build them and provides corrective code suggestions to remediate accessibility issues.  The Smart Editor that provides the suggested resolution for each diagnosed violation also provides a prevention mechanism to avoid future incidents. The resolution can be implemented automatically or manually reviewed and injected by the web owner. As resolutions are published, they are compiled and integrated on the next A-Web run, which will apply the resolution to ensure the site is accessible.  A-Check provides options for developers and program managers to manually correct the accessibility error on the site or automatically correct using an A WEB patch on the next run.

Programmers and coders can now incorporate accessibility compliance into their websites from the outset.  The A-Check platform integrates well into agile development methodology.  Simply run A-Check at the end of a sprint and make it required that the A-Check returns a “clean” accessibility violation report before moving the the next run.