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Now Available, the Industry’s only Truly Accessible Video Player


The world’s first completely accessible video player!

Your company or organization can now deliver fully accessible video.  Although there are a few video players on the market today that provide some accessibility features only OzPlayer is fully accessible.  Distinctions in video players such as providing captions but not written transcripts are important.  Other players offer keyboard navigation but don’t provide audio.  OzPlayer contains all accessible features in accordance with WCAG and ADA requirements and conforms with up to date web standards such as HTML5.

OzPlayer is fully conformant with the W3C WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines.  OzPlayer is fully keyboard accessible and contains no keyboard traps!

OzPlayer provides complete video accessibility for your entire website.  To start your video loaded on YouTube, Vimeo, your own site or content delivery network.  You can then leverage the code generator to get the HTML code you’ll need to insert on your page. Sizing is always responsive and accessibility features are completely built in!

To recap:

  • Video plays from YouTube, Vimeo Pro or your own web server or content delivery network
  • Responsive: resizes to fit the content area
  • Synchronized audio descriptions on a separate audio track
  • Interactive transcript with text fallback (see demo)
  • Fully keyboard accessible, no keyboard traps

Now Available: an accessible video player that works on mobile and renders in flash as a fallback for individuals on older browsers such as IE 8.

Here’s a Quick Checklist for things to consider when making your online video accessible:

Settings and Controls:

  • Player provides complete operation, control and access via keyboard
  • It disables auto play

Content of Video:

  • Flash and flicker slowed down – no more than three times per second
  • High Contrast Colors without patterned backgrounds

Elements Incorporated for Accommodation:

  • Narration of visual information in audio descriptions
  • Transcripts are displayed separately and includes information on what’s happening in the audio
  • Captions – comprehensive and synchronized with the person talking

Q and A on Video Accessibility with OzPlayer:

Does OzPlayer generate captions?

No – Caption files must be made separately. Agilitech has a team that can create captions for you if required.

Is OzPlayer Mobile Friendly?

Yes – works on all devices

Does OzPlayer work on older Browsers?

yes – using HTML5 and Flash as a fallback

How does the Accessible Video Player work?

OzPlayer used the browser’s built in HTML5 video and audio support plus JavaScript and CSS to present the controls, captions and transcript.


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